CGI Finance y SGB Finance: Two of the main actors

Get benefits from specialised and tailored financing, which caters for your needs with CGI Finance and SGB Finance, own a boat in no time:


  • New or used boat*
  • Minimum clear contribution
  • Duration: up to 15 years* / fixed rate

Advantages of CGI Finance and SGB Finance credit:

  • Deferment of payment: You can defer payment of an allowance to the end of the contract.
  • Changing the date of payment*: You can change the day of the month, to make a direct deposit with the corresponding amount.
  • Fixed rate, no surprises.
  • Possibility to finance boats for 6th and 7th lists.
  • We deal with your registration and enrolment.
  • Financing possibility for residents and non-residents in possession of a NIE number.
  • We are backed by over 300 nautical dealers in Spain.

* Subject to acceptance of CGI Finance or SGB Finance.