Our insurance offer

At SYSFINANCE we don’t want any unforeseen circumstances to stop you from enjoying those deserved moments of relaxation and fun. To ensure this, we offer a wide range of products to ensure that together we can share the joy of making a good voyage. Because your satisfaction and safety is our commitment.

We work with leading companies specialising in nautical insurance, such as Pantaenius Yacht Insurance and METROMAR FIATC, which allows us to offer:

  • Comprehensive solutions tailored to each client for the risks to vessels, crew, guests and third parties.

  • Highly specialised coverage guaranteed by the best insurance companies.


Pantaenius Yacht Insurance is the no. 1 company specialising in nautical insurance for pleasure vessels in Europe, both in volume of business and portfolio (more than 70,000 vessels insured). It has over 40 years of experience insuring pleasure boats (it does not work with other aspects of the industry) and it has a global network of over 35,000 employees for the processing and resolution of claims. Pantaenius resolves an average of 4500 claims a year!

METROMAR FIATC is a company made with 100% Spanish capital. It has always been characterised by its strength, as a result of which it ranks as one of the most reliable companies in the Spanish insurance market. It has over 70 years’ experience in the industry, offering customers closeness, peace of mind and economic security before chance events and many other problems which may occur and whose outcome can be tragic. We offer all the experience of Metropolis at your service.