CGI Finance is a trademark of CGL, a financial institution created in 1951 which is a subsidiary of Société Générale. It is present throughout Europe and has more than 200,000 customers, 75,000 new customers each year, with a billion euros in loans annually.

SGB ​​Finance has been the financial partner of the Grupo Beneteau for more than a decade. This partnership allows them to offer financing solutions through 250 dealers throughout Europe. They are leaders in pleasure yacht financing throughout France (both sailing and motor yachts) and are currently developing business in Spain and Portugal through its agreements with SYSFINANCE.

METROMAR FIATC Seguros en el mar is a company made with 100% Spanish capital. It has always been characterised by its strength, as a result of which it ranks as one of the most reliable companies in the Spanish insurance market. It has over 70 years’ experience in the industry, offering customers closeness, peace of mind and economic security before chance events and many other problems which may occur and whose outcome can be tragic. We offer all the experience of Metropolis at your service.

GYLF es partner y colaborador de SYSFINANCE para atender a los clientes que navegan en España y Portugal y tienen residencia fiscal en Reino Unido. GYLF UK tiene oficinas en  Lymington (UK).


GYLF es partner y colaborador de SYSFINANCE para atender a los clientes que navegan en España y Portugal y tienen residencia fiscal en Italia. GYLF Italia, tiene oficinas en Roma (Italia).

GO-BOATING es partner y colaborador de SYSFINANCE para atender a los clientes que navegan en España y Portugal y tienen residencia fiscal en Alemania y Norte de Europa. GO-BOATING tiene sus oficinas principales en Hamburgo.

Pantaenius Yacht Insurance is the no. 1 company specialising in nautical insurance for pleasure vessels in Europe, both in volume of business and portfolio (more than 70,000 vessels insured). It has over 40 years of experience insuring pleasure boats (it does not work with other aspects of the industry) and it has a global network of over 35,000 employees for the processing and resolution of claims. Pantaenius resolves an average of 4500 claims a year!

We work closely with Iberian Yacht Consulting, a top nautical consultancy firm in Spain, which has a dedicated international department for advising international companies and pleasure vessel financial institutions, as well as owners of pleasure vessels and large yachts.

RegisterAYacht (RAY) specialises in the provision of yacht management services to the yacht industry. In particular it will assist clients with selecting and securing the most effective worldwide registration and the most suitable corporate vehicle for yacht ownership, whether it is for private or commercial use.

As the marine division of Sovereign Group, RAY combines the expertise of a dedicated multinational team focused on meeting the needs of yacht owners together with Sovereign’s expertise in the provision of corporate formation, management and financial services.


The Spanish Agency for Consumer Affairs, Food Safety and Nutrition (AECOSAN) incorporates and carries out, within the framework of the General State Administration, functions relating to the promotion and fostering of consumer and user rights regarding goods and services, as well as food safety and healthy eating.

It is an independent body, attached to the Ministry of Health, Social Services and Equality via the Secretary General for Health and Consumer Affairs, and is the result of the union of the National Consumer Institute and the Spanish Agency for Food Safety and Nutrition.

BAND OF BOATS  is an International showcase of pre-owned Yachts, with a wide range of pre-owned sailing and power Yachts, all brands available, full technical specifications available, adverts doublé-checked and regularly updated, a network of 200 professionals at your disposal.

EasyPort es la guía gratuita de servicios para navegantes más completa de España. Incluye información geolocalizada de todos los servicios cercanos al puerto en un radio de 25 kilómetros, incluyendo los servicios de reparación y mantenimiento de embarcaciones. La app incluye también los servicios de ocio y hostelería más cercanos a cada puerto, incluido centros de salud y farmacia.